Love One Another 1-2024

Dear Readers of Love One Another!

We present to you the latest issue of our magazine. We hope that the articles and testimonies in it will help you prepare for a deep and joyful celebration of the birth of Our Lord Jesus Christ. 

In the latest issue of Love One Another:

  • “How to Go to Confession” – practical guideline detailing the five steps to a good confession. It is worth learning anew the benefits of the sacrament of penance. 
  • “Jesus, You Take Over!” – this presents the moving testimony of a young man who gets leukemia and learns the value of suffering. 
  • “After the Death of His Daughter, He Stops Conducting Abortions”– the story of a doctor who joined the pro-life movement. He destroys pro-abortion myths, using his experience as an abortion doctor. 
  • “For God, Nothing is Impossible” – tells of story of Piotr, his conversion and his healing from addictions, giving hope that each married couple, each family, can be saved. 
  • “ The Three Stages of Love” – essential guide to building good and deep life-long relationships. 

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We are currently rebuilding the list of readers and raising funds for the English edition of Love One Another. For those who order the magazine, we can provide a downloadable PDF.

Without your prayers and spiritual and material support, we will not be able to continue the important mission of evangelization through our magazine. This is why we ask you for your support. We have a new bank account to which donations can be sent for the purpose of spreading the Gospel through Love One Another.

We trust that with God’s help and your support we will be able to regularly publish our magazines and send them to missions abroad. We believe that the changes that have taken place will lead to greater good – in the Church and in the world.