Cling with your heart to me

Here, we begin to publish extracts from the directions given by Jesus and written down by the mystic Alicja Lenczewska in her spiritual diary Testimony.

† Most people neither hear me nor notice me. They are busy with ceremony, their own actions, with themselves, their prayer, even their sinfulness, or other people. And I am left among them unnoticed, snubbed, sometimes insulted and always alone. There are precious few hearts in which I can rest surrounded by love and tenderness. Very few indeed.

I am telling this to you because I want to find in your heart all that I miss in others. Don’t cry that I have suffered pain so many times in you instead of solace. Let bygones, be bygones. I have, after all, cleansed you and healed your heart. I have taught you love so that you will be my haven when others drive me away. I am telling you about this so that you will always remember and nurture the love that I share with you. Love calls for constant focusing of attention and mustering of strength. It cannot be left unattended, because it dies out and has to be rekindled. What you need is perseverance and constancy.

† You desperately want to be somebody in your own eyes. You can barely resign yourself to the realisation that you are nothing. But this is true.

Any good and value which are in you come from me.

Do not get attached to them too much, because I can take back my gifts so that you can see who you are without them. Bear with yourself in humility and confidence in my Might and my Love, which raise you to the dignity of God’s child and my bride.

Not perfection but love is the most important thing. Your perfection depends on me, but love is your genuine gift for me. It is only love that you can give me and yourself as you really are: miser­able, weak and sinful – without any positive self-image and without any disgust for yourself. Since I have created you like that, this has some purpose and sense. Trust me and have enough love and humility to stand before me with all this.

† Beg to learn the truth about yourself. Only the humble may see their weaknesses and realise that they are really nothing. Yours is only sin and weakness – all that is good in you is my gift. If you see any values in yourself, give me thanks, because I have placed them in you. Humbly oblige others with them, because that is what you have been given them for. The discomfort that you feel today serves the purpose of showing you how brittle, helpless and powerless you are even in respect of your own organism and making you realise your total dependence on me. Cling to me, do not be afraid of obsessive bad thoughts; give them to me when they come. Find refuge in my arms and trust my love. I wish to fortify and cleanse you. I expose your weaknesses so that you renounce them and I can free you of them.

The most dangerous weakness of every man is excessive pride and a big ego; that is why it hurts so much when I touch them and take them out of your soul. I shall heal your pain. Open your soul with love before me and desire to give up everything it contains. Then my touches will become peace and joy, while your pure soul will unite with me.

† [Avoid] any negligence or letting any unkind thoughts and feelings arise in your mind. Satan plants them there, and you, instead of passing them to me immediately and asking for help, keep them too long in your heart and succumb to them. Your heart should be like glass, through which everything can be seen and nothing is covered. You should pass to me what comes to you from the world and pass to the world – to other people – what you receive from me, so that they can be healed. Any negligence destroys transparency. So take care all the time that your heart stays pure. Ask for help that I may turn the glass of your heart into a crystal which will reflect the light of my love and pass its rays to all people.

† Cling with your heart to me. When life is hard, think what good I have done in general and in your life. In the most difficult moments, pray with words – aloud. You should be constantly aware of my presence with you and in you. Talk to me and look carefully at me at every moment of your life, whatever you are doing and wherever you are. Give up everything to me and do everything for me. Do your best to make your everyday life develop in my praise. Think not of yourself, but of me. Then I will think of you and take care of everything, including making our encounters in prayer and everyday events perfect.

Do not envy others who have more noticeable charismata than you do. Your charisma is meekness and self-sacrificing love for those who have erred and for the world. Do not think of it as a minor sacrifice since you don’t do or experience anything special. The sacrifice of everyday faithfulness in the trifles and monotony of life is equally great or possibly greater, because it calls for constant vigilance and self-denial. It is hard because it is invisible.

Be meek and loving in the Nazareth of my heart also when hard times befall you.

† Learn how to abide, without wanting or expecting anything. Rid yourself of thinking about yourself. Give up everything to me. Become devoid of everything, in the nakedness of your soul, except for your feelings and thoughts. You have nothing. You have only me, your life and hope. May joy and peace prevail in your soul, because God is with you and in you, God of peace and silence. Do you know how much can be said through silence? It is richer than any words.

† Don’t be sad. Your loneliness relates only to the world. You are not alone. I am with you. And you have many friends in heaven. They accompany you, take care of you and pray for you. It doesn’t matter that you don’t see them. Their presence and assistance is more real than what you experience in the world. You don’t belong to this world anymore, and it can’t give you anything. Your home and your homeland are with me. Your soul and your heart should be here at all times and draw strength from here. The supernatural world is not far away. You move about it, mostly unawares.